Freight Forwarding

LGT Logistics is a reputable International forwarder by all modes of transport.

Road & Railway Freights

LGT Logistics provides all the services for every aspect of your transportation and logistics needs, offered individually or on an integrated basis. Working with your logistics providers shouldn’t be a logistical nightmare in itself, that’s why We at LGT Logistics provide the inland transportation solutions for our valuable clients. It is a single resource that you can depend on for all of your shipping needs and its staff with experienced logistics professional who know what options are available and how to make them work best for you.

We have the capability to become your partner in inland transportation and trucking. Our global network of tested, reliable, carriers and partners helps us keep your cargo flowing on-time and on-budget. We have the capability to become your partner in inland transportation and trucking. 

Air Freights

LGT Logistics is an air freight forwarder, we can determine the most efficient and effective routing of your shipment. Through our network of carriers we provide direct, all cargo flights that meet customer needs. LGT Logistics provides international air freight forwarding. It’s the fastest, most convenient, safe and often the only way to transport many types of goods in to developed and developing countries. That is why our customers, including, the largest global manufacturers and distributors chose air freight deliveries with our company. We provide air freight forwarding around the world.

Sea Freights

Sea carriage of cargoes allows delivering cargoes to other countries from geographically remote regions at minimum expense. Sea carriage has its pluses and minuses as any other kind of transport. The advantages of sea carriage of cargoes are as follows: Low cost precise sailing schedule possibility to transport big consignments of various cargoes at the same time high reliability low risk of damage and loss of cargo among the shortcomings one should mention.

Comparatively long period of delivery and dependence on weather conditions and other factors, for example, the capacity of ports. The company experts will work out all the transport and logistics arrangements of sea carriage, taking into account all the specific features of the cargo and the client’s requirements.

Transit Cargo Services

We, LGT Logistics provides you with reliable transit cargo services for goods which are discharged from a sea-going ship or border in one country but which are destined for another country.