Customs Clearance Service

We are a fully licensed clearing agent

Customs clearance services are for an importer in conducting Customs business on their behalf. We Specifically, prepares and files the necessary Customs entries, arranges for the payment of duties found due, takes steps to effect the release of the goods in Customs custody, and represents our clients in custody matters. We have an excellent understanding of trade requirements & procedures and customs & tariff regulations. Furthermore, we assist our clients with advice on transportation options, types of carriers, and shipping routes. We assist our client with exchange rates, appraisals, and proper classifications and duties. In dealing with Customs, we are aware of any potential problem involving every entry item represented, including cargo handling, as this includes all factors affecting appraisement, exchange rates and the many regulations concerning calculation of duties. We possess a thorough knowledge of tariff schedules and Customs regulations and keep abreast of the amendments made through constant changes in the law and administrative regulations.

One of our key success factors is based on our dedicated, experienced and qualified staff that ensures fast, reliable and timely documentation is processed through customs. The company continues to invest in IT systems in line with the Industry developments.

For these reasons, the services of a Customs clearance are highly recommended to the importer and we at LGT Logistics ensure you professional attitude for your needs and satisfaction. Following are mainly products we have experience in:

  • Food and beverages
  • Chemicals and textiles
  • Wholesale / retail items
  • Machineries
  • Seeds, fertilisers and cereals
  • Motorcycles, bicycles, automobiles and spare parts
  • Tents and accessories
  • Perishables and general goods